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7K Farms…a Brief History.

Chuck and Marie Kleinhenz married in 1955, living the first few years of their life together in Chicago, Illinois. The lure of a smaller, more rural community soon pulled at them, so they packed up their family and settled in Taylorsville, Indiana. Chuck worked as a Pattern Maker at the local Engleking plant, and even though he enjoyed his work there, he felt an ever increasing desire to find a new career. His family was growing, and he knew the importance of teaching children the value of hard work and family unity. He wanted to find something that would accomplish these important goals. Chuck and Marie decided to move with their 4 sons and 1 daughter, 3 miles west of Taylorsville to a 52 acre farm so they could try their hand at various enterprises. They raised cows and pigs, and had 24 chickens. They began selling eggs to friends and neighbors. Soon, a few local restaurants were interested in buying their farm raised eggs. Chuck bought 200 more chickens to meet the increased demand. 

And that is how 7K Farms was born.....

Kirk, Chuck, Marie and Jim still run the business as a family!

Chuck decided to coordinate the start of this new business venture on a full scale in 1975 when his oldest son Jim returned from a year at college. Two more sons had been born since living at the farm, so they named the new company, 7K Feather Farms, after the seven Kleinhenz children and signifying the fact that they were an egg company.

Thirty five years later, we have dropped the “Feather” as we are so much more than an egg company. We now stock 3500 items and carry fresh meats and produce. We work hard to make service and quality synonymous with our name. Chuck and Marie, and two of their sons, Jim and Kirk, still work each day with the same mindset that was there at the beginning of the business…a desire to serve the community with the best and freshest products available, while enjoying the benefits of working together as a family. 


1955   Chuck and Marie Kleinhenz marry and live
           in Chicago, Illinois 

1961   Move to Taylorsville, Indiana 

   Move to a 52 acre farm west of Taylorsville. 
          Purchase chickens so the kids have something
          to keep them busy 

   Marie begins door to door delivery of eggs

   Built a 300 ft building to house 5000 chickens
          and processing equipment

   Jim returns from college and 7K Feather Farms
          officially begins. Contract to process eggs for 
          50,000 chickens

   Chuck takes family station wagon to Wisconsin
          to buy butter and cheese to add to 7K inventory

   New warehouse is built on Tannehill Rd. with 
          freezer, cooler and dry storage

   Purchased “Green Barn Produce Company” and
          begin carrying a full line of fresh produce

      Continues in Tannehill Rd. warehouse, 
          providing over 3500 wholesale food items

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Where are we located 

We are located just off I-65 in Taylorsville Indiana. Our address is:
7k Farms
3155 W 650 N
Taylorsville, IN 47280


7k Farms, Inc.
Box 485
Taylorsville, IN 47280
Fax 812.526.2723

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