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Gift Baskets

The staff at 7-K Farms takes great pride in helping you share the Christmas joy with those you love. We offer many delicious gift baskets and gift boxes - all which are created and designed for the holiday season. The Boxes listed below are just a few of the many we can create for the special someone at Christmas. Our gift baskets make great gifts for family, co-workers or employees. Contact us or call us for availability of baskets. 

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you custom design your own gift for that extra special "touch".


Holiday Snacker
Here's the perfect gift to share with that special friend or couple. This 6lb flavorful treat consists of  large Red and Golden Delicious Apples, Tangelo, Bananas, Jumbo Navel Oranges, Pear and mini jar of Jam. It's topped with nuts and candy and placed in an attractive Bun basket, wrapped with cellophane, and tied with Christmas ribbons. It's a very cute and tasty-looking basket of fruit.


Grand Harvest
This is our most popular fruit basket, and is ideal for a family or party. The basket is filled with 11lb. of our best varieties of flavorful Jumbo Navel Oranges, Avocado, Tangelo, large Golden and Red Delicious Apples, Pear, Bananas, Beef Sausage Roll, Cheese, Candy and Jam. As a finishing touch, the Harvest Basket is enclosed in cellophane with colorful ribbon streaming down from the top.


Country Charm
A wonderful collection of Sausage, Cheese, and Fresh Fruit for a sensational snack anytime. This large, colorful farm style basket is filled to the brim with 14lb. of our fancy hand selected Florida-sweet Grapefruits, Tangelos, and California Jumbo Navel Oranges. The crunchy Red and Golden Delicious Apples and juicy Pears add to the value of such a fine gift. We've added a Wisconsin Cheddar Cheeseball with Pecans and a Sausage Roll for that extra special treat - along with Christmas Nuts, Candy and some other goodies.


We've never offered a finer combination of fresh farm favorites for that special family or office treat. The wheel shaped picnic basket is heaped with 30lb of selected Christmas fruit, nuts, Candies, Cheese and 1lb of summer sausage. The fruits are Fancy in quality and delicious in taste and will be well remembered by those receiving such an elegant gift. After being wrapped with clear cellophane and colored ribbon, we have hung a Christmas bell from the top of the basket to give it that special holiday look. 


7k Sampler
A Beautiful box filled with decorative grass and a cover. This box offer a little taste of all the wonderful things 7K has to offer. 1lb Sharp Cheddar, 1lb Sharp Cheddar Bacon, an 5oz Summer Sausage, an 5oz beef Salami, packages of crackers and several hard candies. It's the perfect gift for the person who has everything. 


Snack Attack Family Pack
A feast fit for a king and all his royal subjects, this variety pack has all the trimmings. One package of Co-Jack Cheese, 7oz Gouda, an 5oz Summer Sausage, 10oz Colby Cheese, 15oz Canadian Bacon, 2 jars of Jelly and several packages of Crackers with Hard Candies scattered about.


"Honey Do" Thank You Box
This large decorative box is the perfect gift for that special someone who helped you out all year round. It's the yummiest way to say "Thanks for a job well done!". This box contains an 8oz. Cheddar Cheese spread, a 7oz Gouda, 10oz of Cheddar Horn Cheese, an 11oz Cheese Ball, 15oz Canadian Bacon, Party Paws, a 1lb block of Jalapeno Pepper Cheese, an 5oz Summer Sausage, 2 small Cheese Spreads, One Jelly and a 2.5lb Smoked half Ham, speckled with holiday candy.



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