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Serving the foodservice industry and the public since 1975!
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7k Farms currently stocks over 3500 different products available to the foodservice industry, we are able to do this via our massive refrigerator, freezer and dry storage warehouses. We are able to meet the needs of the smallest mom and pop diner up to the largest scale chain restaurant. We work with our customers directly (without minimums) to get the product they need to offer the highest quality product at a price point that makes your bottom line more attractive. 

Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for your business! We are family owned and operated with a wide variety of sources available for common every day items, kitchen wares or hard to find specialty items. Ordering can be as convenient as calling in your order and waiting on the delivery truck!

With over 3500 items available we have made our product catalog available for download in PDF format HERE

Our facilities consist of over 29,000 cubic feet of cooler space, 29,000 cubic feet of freezer storage and an additional 39,000 cubic feet of dry storage. We have over 10,000 cases of product in stock on any given day to meet your foodservice needs. Whether you need one case or several hundred for your food service business 7k Farms is ready to work with you on getting the product you NEED! Give us a call today at 1-800-842-6341.

Need FRESH produce? 7k Farms has a complete line of fresh produce that we can deliver right to your door!


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